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This page attempts to give a flavour of the Dens and Corners created in the permanent spaces that served as Troop and Group headquarters.  The photographs below are all that are known from Cambridge archives. No pictures remain of the ‘palatial’ Club room of the 6th Troop at 67 Newmarket Street (New St?) in 1915. The many Groups that did not own a permanent space often worked out of patrol  boxes and cupboards.

Cambridge Archive

c. 1936 23rd Cambridge (St Matthew’s) HQ

1932 – 1941    55th Cambridge           Frequent entries suggest that worth was given to posters and ‘snaps’ (photographs) and framing to dress the room and camp reports.

   2 pictures (purchased)        ‘If I were a boy again’ and ‘Pathfinder’ Ernest Stafford Carlos

12th Cambridge 1930’s Both ends of the hall

1939    26th Cambridge                        ‘Originally the HQ of the 26th Cambridge Group was a hall, but through its late GSM the Troop obtained a Den of its own in a boathouse.  It was a very dirty place, but after a few months hard work it was brought up to standard.  Electric light had been installed and a coke fire put in’                        The Scout Jan 28th 1939 This was probably the building behind the Portland Arms beside the Tivoli. see Local History/ Boats on the Cam/ The Adventurer

1940 60th Cambridge (Leys school) were relocated to Scotland when the school was requisitioned. The Rovers had a Tower room (in the hotel they had taken over) as a den and a semipermanent structure of in the woods as an outdoor den.

1947 1st Cambridge Having lost their SM the Senior Scouts of the 1st started to meet above an outhouse of the Spread Eagle Pub at the top of Victoria Road. Here they were ‘found’ by Mackrow of the 12th who meet behind the Portland Arms not far away and invited to join the 12th.

1953    Germany                     A resurgent German Troop who asked for support in finding a den were encouraged, as Scouts, to rely on their own resources.  Constructing a headquarters in an Air Raid shelter their plans were retarded when it was blown up by the a British demolition team (date uncertain, relayed in 1953 University Scout periodical)

1953 12th Cambridge Note purchase of ‘Sixes’ Corner Screens for Wolf Cubs.

1954    54th Cambridge           Court of Honour          ‘Skipper plans to have two rooms at the back of the hut floored over for a store and troop den’

1956    University                    Skyblue                        Den opened in 1956 Tenison Road.  A 20’ x 60’ building moved from elsewhere in the University.

23rd in 1957 (above and below)
From Ron Farrington – top centre, bottom front right

1958    54th Cambridge           Court of Honour          ‘Den – It should be tidied thoroughly, the bottom patrol each month being responsible for it.  It is mostly gear out but not put away again.’

1973 32nd Cambridge (Waterbeach) Shared between Guiding Sections and Scouting Sections the Scout centre has well constructed storage. The building is adorned with an amateur oil copy of BP. The Cub Grand Howl circle is quartered in the ‘Six’ colours.

by Albert Whiterod

The Scouter

1932    ‘It ( a stick with notches cut out for each investiture) is kept in the place of honour in the Scout Room at my home.’


Fulbourn  Scout Rooms of Miss Chambers (above)


C T Wood’s album                 Unidentified Dens before 1930

12th Cambridge scrapbook

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