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Cambridge District Scout Archive

This is a list by District Number.

To follow Scouting in a discrete area such as a village a search across numbers may be required. See Troops and Groups/ First (1st) Groups/ Villages named in group titles for some links. Many of the Groups that have changed numbers have this noted on their page.

Not an entirely self evident categorisation

  • Until after 1928 the District had two naming systems, Cambridge and Cambridge District
  • Each number could have multiple consecutive Troops
  • Troops and groups could have two or more numbers as they are switched in and out of Cambridge District or stop then restart
  • Resurrected Groups may opt to change their number as with the 44th Cambridge (Trumpington) becoming the 1st Trumpington
  • Groups with Cambridge numbers move to another District and either retain the Cambridge number as with the 6th/17th or take the name of their village. At this point, being outside the District, the information is unlikely to be included in Cambridge District records
  • Early Wolf Cub packs had separate alphabetical system for some packs (as recommended by Miss Laidlaw in 1919) others quickly came to be numbered with the linked Scout Troop.

JWR Archivist Jan 2019