66th Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 66th Cambridge (Lode)                                               1933 – 1935                IHQ 16978
  • 66th Cambridge (St Andrews Street Baptist Church)
  • 66th Cambridge (Shrubbery School)                          1942 – 1946                IHQ 21505

66th Cambridge (Lode)                                               1933 – 1935                IHQ 16978

The Group (troop only) registered Scouts in the 1934 census having opened in 1933. No other returns were made in Cambridge District.

In 1934 the Group became part of North Cambridgeshire one of four new Districts formed out of the very large Cambridge District and dropped the 66th Cambridge element. 

North Cambridgeshire was quickly renamed East Cambridgeshire and then Mid Cambridgeshire (sometimes just East/ Mid Cambridge).

 It is recorded as re-registering on 28th January 1935, possibly to alter the title to Lode.  It retained the IHQ 16978 which generally suggests no significant change in details.  The records from this period have not come down to Cambridge District Achives.

Mid Cambridgeshire was re absorbed into Cambridge District in 1946.  Lode did not exist to be transferred at this date.


66th Cambridge (St Andrews Street Baptist Church)          Nov. 1939 – < 1942

This is an unclear entry.  Two obvious possibilities:

  • This is possibly a misreading of 26th Cambridge.  The 26th has a clear history of being 26th Cambridge (St Andrews Street Baptist Church) until 1937 when the association was broken. 
  • It may be that a new St Andrews Street Baptist Church Scout group was planned and allocated this empty number in 1939.  War time records are poor and any IHQ number allocated has not survived.  If so the group did not get off the ground.  No census returns were submitted by this group.  The Group, if it was, had certainly clearly stopped by 1942.

And a third:

  • Rev John and Maria Living-Taylor (below) were both Baptist Ministers, she the first female admitted to the role in Britain.  In 1939 they are reported as being in Manchester, she teaching languages.  If they had moved to Cambridge in connection with the St Andrew Street Baptist Church this proposed group may have been their initiative.  There is no evidence for any link with the church, formal or informal or that they were in town in 1939.


66th Cambridge (Shrubbery School)                                    1942 – 1946                IHQ 21505

The Shrubbery School in Hills Road was taken over by Rev John and Mrs Maria Living-Taylor in 1942.  The school remained on this site until 1947, the group closing in September 1946.

Census returns are

  • Cubs                1942 – 1946
  • Scouts              1945 – 1946

The scarf was described as scarlet with a white diagonal stripe, a description open to interpretation.  It was later described as scarlet with a white tape down the centre.

JWR Archivist Jan 2023