Royalty and Scouting in Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archives

This is a list of occasions where Cambridge Scouts were asked to provide a Guard of Honour, paraded for inspection by or lined the route of members of Royalty.

The occasion in 1933 when they were asked to provide a Guard of Honour for the Railway Queen is not included in this list. District declined this request.

1914 Princes of Uganda received an Escort by the 17th Cambridge (Catholic) Troop

1921   Prince of Wales 500 Scouts South                       DC C T Wood

1921 The Royal Show Cambridge of 4 – 8th July 1922 asked Scouts to be the seventy Messenger Boys at 3/6 a day or Catalogue Boys at 2/6. They were to provide their own food.

1927    Her Royal Highness Princess Mary opened G & S HQ in Papworth Village Colony.  Made of asbestos and wood  (TB colony)

1930    Prince of Wales opened Sawston Village College The County Education Secretary appreciated Scout arrangements at Prince of Wales visit to Sawston 30/10/30                       District Minutes

1932    Guard of Honour for Princess Helena Victoria  ‘Staffs must be carried’

1935    Jubilee service in Gt ST M for service along with other representatives of … Hosp Nurses, Friendly Soc etc.

1936 13th Cambridge record ‘28/1/1936 Funeral of King George V. Quiet Meeting No games’

1937    Coronation Coronation Services were held; the 13th retain a full programme remains for that at St Philips Church   ‘ A torchlight procession of 200 preceded by figure marching by the 5th (Perse)  The scouts also received praise for the ‘Orderly work on Jesus Green at Coronation Activities’       They also sold 1180 Programmes , 180 more than requested, for a sum of £59/9/6

1937    Guard of Honour YMCA Princess Helen Victoria (Dist Min) ‘Staves must be carried’

1942    Guard of Honour on the occasion of a visit of Yugo-Slav Royalty during Anglo –Yugo-Slav week.

1947    Royal Visit H M the King (to Cambridge) will pass through Lensfield Road at 17.00            Chief Constable asked Scouts to line part of the route who were permitted to attend school in uniform to get to there on time.  June 3rd

1951    Royal (Agricultural) Show       Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother, held in Trumpington off the Shelford Road.  District asked schools to release Scouts as messengers and proposed asking employers to do the same. (Trumpington also hosted the Show in 1960 and 1961. Scouts were present in 1960.)

1953    7 Scouts attended Coronation Procession London

1953    Sandringham Jamboree Cambridge District Cubs part in the arena 8 minutes of First Star Games

1953    Sandringham Camp                700 Scouts from Cambridgeshire

  • 7th        Gate representing the school crest
  • 26th      gateway from trek cart handle and a two tier table from the wheels

1955    The Queen will be coming to Cambridge and the Scouts will line part of the route            54th Cambridge Court of Honour records

1955 Queen Elizabeth came to Cambridge to open the Veterinary College. Scouts stood on the route between the Observatory and the bend before the Veterinary College, a choice which enabled them to see her twice on the way in and out.  99 Cubs and 79 Scouts attended along with 20 leaders.  They were ‘smart and well turned out’.

In addition the Queens Scouts had been allocated a place at the station to welcome the Royal train at 11.08.  Queens Guides were also to be invited.  The Queens Scouts due to attend were

5th Sea Scouts          John Simms, Jeremy Hanson

5th Scouts                John Boocock, David Greenwood, John Haysom, David Grugeon

12th Sea Scouts      Harvey Dean,  Roger Stoakly

51st Scouts              Colin Greeves

60th Scouts              Robert Jackson, Ian Phillip

1956    Queen Elizabeth II       October, Guard of honour at railway and along Madingley Road.

1969     Queen Elizabeth II  Guard of Honour at the station: Philip Cooksey, Mark Platt, Nigel Morgan, David Moat, John Kirkby, Richard Cresswell, Peter Hessey, Alan Tyley, Robert O’Regan all Scouts and Venture Scouts of the 5th and 7th Cambridge

JWR Archivist Jan 2019