18th Cambridge District: Outline

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  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all roups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.


Fulbourn Chronicle reports on 9th October 1914 a meeting at the Assembly Room 50 boys joined the Boy Scouts. In December a investiture was carried out in the Church.

They are not reported during WW1, the local Girl Guides get some references in these years.


Fulbourn is mentioned in July 1919, as defunct.  It may have failed during the war. It is not named in the 1920 District review ‘Reveille!’ but they were acting as Guard of Honour in May 1920 with the Scout Master SM Beard at the new War Memorial.


  • 1st Fulbourn (18th Cambridge District)         Open               1922                10758

Headquarters Fulbourn Rectory later the Haven, Fulbourn

  • SM                   Rev T H Hennessy                   Rectory
  • ASM                 Arthur F G Coe           
  • ASM SM          Miss Joyce Chambers             The Haven Fulbourn    (jJune 1927)
  • ASM                 J H Rogers                               Mangle Arms Fulborn
  • Chaplain          Rev T H Hennessy      

It was noted on the 1922 re-registration (in this order on the 1922 registration form) that it:

  • Restarted                    May 1922
  • Registered                   Ex. Dec 11 1922
  • Re registered Assoc    7th March 1921

Started with about 14 tenderfoots and 2 leaders

It is formally recognized as being in existence in 1921, with a number – 18th Cambridge District. It had the Imperial HQ number of 10758, a dark blue scarf with a green triangle.

In 1924 and 1926 the scarf was just listed as blue.

It certainly ran until 1925 and recorded census numbers in the years 1922 – 1925. Census numbers are available from 1921 and usually lag a year.

  • Arthur F G Coe            ASM Oct 1923
  • J Henry Rogers            ASM Oct 1923
  • Rev T H Hennessy       SM Nov 1923
  • A Coe                           SM May 1924 (possibly a newspaper error)
  • Miss Chambers           SM July 1924

Miss Chambers was a Sunday School teacher in 1920 and took the role whilst both Mr. Coe and Rogers were in role. The Troop had a bugle band (1924). Last known local report Nov. 1927 but it had dropped from the 1925 – 1926 Annual report (published early 1927).

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