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Thomas MacFarland Cherry later Sir Thomas, Professor of Mathematics at Sydney, was one of two contemporaneous Cambridge Scouts and mathematicians who became Professors of Mathematics in Australia (see also Dr. T G Room). Fellow of Trinity.

Cherry worked as Scout Master then Commissioner in Cambridge.  He was involved with the 7th Cambridge around 1922 – 25.

He is credited with founding the university Rover crew in 1924 in the Australian National Biography.  It is not clear if this is a College Crew or the renamed University Rover Crew, a distinction made in 1928 when a Town Rover Crew was formed.

He was an able administrator/ organiser and was responsible for the activities arranged for the 1928 visit of BP.  The correspondence (below) recognised his part in this.

He returned to Australia in 1929, returning to marry Olive Ellen Wright, Girl Guide Commissioner and Lady Cub Master of the Perse school pack.  They had met whilst organizing a competition for BP.

He is listed as being present at the Ely Rally of 1936.

In Melbourne he led various Rover Crews, was SM of the Glen Iris troop and founded the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club.


Cambridge 1919 – 1929

From BP to T M Cherry
From T M Cherry to BP
BP note attached to this itinerary read ‘See list of ADCs Dr T Mac.F. Cherry (who seems to have been doing most of the arrangements)’

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