Villages named in group titles

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The list is alphabetical but within each letter generally ordered by date of founding.

  • For details of villages with single numbers see under that number.
  • For details of villages with multiple numbers see individual Village entries and those numbers.

Many other villages were involved but not in the formal title.  Harston had separate patrols for Harston, Hauxton, Harlston, Newton and Little Eversden. Some of these have never been part of a name of a troop or group. Villages are often linked in titles, such as Sawston with Whittlesford.  These variations are not listed here.

As the town boundaries grew villages such as Cherry Hinton became ‘town groups’ rather than ‘district groups’ which are labeled ‘D’. As the overall district budded other districts many villages stepped outside the boundaries and their history is lost to these records.

Many Groups had several incarnations and the ‘district’ numbering system ended in 1935 so they have several numbers.  Numbers were reused during some eras.

‘1st ’s are a change in naming system – 1st Village rather than 21st Cambridge (Village).  1st D is the group labeled 1st Cambridge District (Village)

Pages on each village can be seen in one of three places, as they are completed.

  • Under the Village name – the Scout history has moved through several names or numbers
  • Under the 1st’s – a Group has taken the title 1st Village and stands outside the ‘X Cambridge’ formula
  • Under the Numbers – when a village has only ever had one ‘X Cambridge’ number
Village See separate page
under Village
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under 1st’s
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Abington X 25th
Balsham 1st D
Bottisham X 12th D, 59th
Barton 17th D
Barlow 14th D
Bassingbourne 9th D
Brinkley 7th D
Bourne 1st
Cherry Hinton X 1st D
Cowlinge 10th D
Coton 14th D , 38th
Castle Camps 11th D
Cottenham X 14th D, 46th , 53rd
Comburton X 48th
Duxford 11th D
Dry Drayton 6th D
Ely 2nd D
Elsworth 8th D
Foxton 7th D 40th
Fen Ditton X 13th D, 43rd
Fulbourn X 18th D, 57th
Fowlmere 16th D
Fen Drayton 55th
Grantchester 5th D, 17th D, 62nd, 68th
Gransden 15th D
Girton X 5th D
Gamlingay 10th D, 1st
Great Shelford X 61st
Harston X 3rd D, 7th D
Haslingfield 4th D, 56th
Harlton 3rd D
Histon X 4th D, 51st 35th, 1st
Horseheath 19th D
Hinton Mention only
Hauxton 9th
Longstanton 3rd D, 56th
Lolworth 3rd D
Linton X 9th D, 5th D, 69th
Longstowe 2nd D
Lode X 66th
Landbeach X 45th
Meldreth 4th D
Melbourne 4th D
Milton 13th D, 65th
Madingley X 39th
Newton 3rd D, 9th D
Newmarket 2nd D, 16th D
Over 11th D
Papworth St Everard 6th D, 50th
Pampisford X 47th
Quy X 58th
Sutton 7th D
Shelford 3rd D
Shepreth 8th D, 5th D
Sawston X 2nd D, 10th D, 37th
Six Mile Bottom  Early ref,  49th
Swavesey 10th D, 37th
Swaffen Bulbeck X 67th
Trumpington 5th D, 44th, 1st
Whittlesford 2nd D, 11thD, 51st
Willingham X 3rd D, 63rd, 1st
West Wratting 1st D (43rd)

JWR Archivist Mar 2019