District Scout and Guide Training 1967

Cambridge District Scout Archive

In reviewing the Advance Party report and the move from Senior Scouts and Rovers to Venture Scouts Dr. K J H Mackay compiled a six page review of how things were in the District. Dated 30th March 1967 much is summarized in the chart reproduced in Structure/ Sections/ Senior Scouts in Cambridge/ Last of the Senior Scouts.

The summary of the mixed training was that the ‘experiment’ ‘having shown its value’ the next step was to ‘extend the social benefits gained‘ by mixed training at Group level. This proposal did not happen.

RA-VEN (Ranger Venture) activities did continue at District level and a Combined Development Unit for Ranger Guides and Venture Scouts was in the proposed V S Units in Cambridge, open to all and additional to the individual Group and District units.

The Venture Scouts accepted girls in 1976. Joint working through RA-VEN continued after this date.

JWR Archivist Mar 2021