53rd Cambridge (Cottenham): Outline History

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Cottenham is the second and last Scout Group to use the number 53th Cambridge.   It had several names

  • 14th Cambridge District                      1924 – 19?
  • 46th Cambridge (Cottenham)              1928 – 1934
  • Cottenham                                          1935 –
  • 1st Cottenham                                     ?    -1948
  • 53rd Cambridge (1st Cottenham)                  
  • 1st Cottenham
  • 2nd Cottenham

1st Cottenham

Cottenham had transferred to Mid Cambridgeshire in 1935 division of the large Cambridge District.  This District lost stability during WW2 and was absorbed back into Cambridge District.  At this point a 1st Cottenham is listed as returning alongside other Groups to Cambridge District, initially a temporary measure.

Census Returns listed under 1st Cottenham

  • Cubs                1948   

53rd Cambridge (1st Cottenham)       1948 – 1955                20045

On re absorption Mid Cambridgeshire Groups were given new Cambridge numbers largely in the 50’s.  The use of the 53rd Cambridge is short.  In 1951 they are called 53rd in the AGM report, in 1953 1st Cottenham.  A date of re registration as 1st Cottenham of 18th July 1949 with the HQ number 20045 is known, however, they are listed in the census returns as 53rd.

It would appear that they were generally known as Cottenham or 1st Cottenham and the records were pedantic or a delayed change in naming preferences.

Census Returns listed under 53rd Cambridge (1st Cottenham)

  • Cubs                1949 – 1955
  • Scouts             1950 – 1955

This group appears to have stopped in 1955/56.

1st Cottenham                                                1971 –  1978                20045

Reformed with the same HQ number but clearly as 1st Cottenham.

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