67th Cambridge: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The 67th has a very unclear history, being first formed a year ahead of stepping out of the Cambridge District histories and the second group being formed during WW2.

  • 67th Cambridge Swaffham Bulbeck                1933
  • 67th Cambridge                                               1939 – 1944
  • 13th/67th Cambridge St Radegund’s                1944 –

67th Cambridge Swaffham Bulbeck  1933                                        16978 / 16459

Not listed in the Cambridge District 1933 AGM report by 1935, the next available list, it had moved to the new North Cambridgeshire District, shortly to be renamed the East Cambridgeshire and eventually Mid Cambridgeshire.   It was registered with 9 Scouts and only returned census figures for 1934 before the division when details were lost to the remaining Cambridge District.  The scarf was blue with a gold border. 

  • H L Gittus                    SM
  • Jack Stevens                ASM

All the Groups that moved dropped the Xth Cambridge element to their name leaving it free for use in Cambridge District

Mid Cambridgeshire survived as a District but struggled during WW2 and the remaining Groups reintegrated with Cambridge District, being formally listed in 1946.  Swaffham Bulbeck was not among them.  A Swaffham Prior Scout Group is now in Newmarket District.

67th Cambridge                                  1939

Few details survive. In the 1939 collection of details the 67th recorded 20 Scouts all of whom were evacuees.   It was presumably this Group that amalgamated with the 13th in 1944.  It is noted that a pack was registered in 1942.  It is the 67th that was called an Evacuee group in November 1939.  The name St Radegund is only recorded later, number and name are nowhere recorded together at this date.

From Secretaries ‘Defunct Group’ list we have

  • Temp Registration Nov 1939 67th Cambridge
  • HQ : Grafton Street Scouts
  • Thursday 7 – 9 pm
  • Group Scarf; Controlled by the Principal, Northern Polytechnic, Holloway, London N7 (?)
  • Scouts
  • SM G H McKay, 19 Coleridge Road (George H McKay, lecturer Northern Polytechnic)
  • 4 Selwyn Coll Rovers assisting Nov 1939 20 Evac. Sct.

Census returns

  • Cubs 1942 – 1943

13th/67th Cambridge                          1944 – 1946                            21504

This Group was Notts’ Own/ St Radegund’s, and first recorded as amalgamating on 28th January 1944.  It is described as an Evacuee Group but little else is known.  The 13th had property and equipment; the 67th had leaders but had few other resources.   The packs, no 67th troop at this date, would combine for the duration of the war under the 67th leaders.  The decision to run the combined pack by 67th leaders may reflect a lack of 13th leaders, but this is perhaps unlikely (see 13th).  The experience of running a pack of Evacuees may have swayed the decision. 

It was recorded that the position would be reviewed after the war, clearly moving towards an allied victory at this point, which might suggest the association with the Northern Polytechnic institute had diminished or ended and the pack was of evacuees drawn from younger and more general spread.

The 67th element was closed by 1946 presumably as the evacuees returned.   The 67th did not enter separate census returns for this period.

The scarf of Green and Red may have represented an amalgamation of the two groups but with war time rationing this is unlikely. 

JWR Archivist Aug 2022