Ralph Reader in Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Ralph Reader, founder of Gang Shows in 1932, was an actor, producer and songwriter.

He is recorded as attending three Gang Shows in Cambridge, in 1978 and on the last nights of 1980 and 1982.  This last was in January 1982 and Ralph died on 13th May 1982 at the age of 79.  It was the last Gang Show he attended. 

Geoff Oliver of the 28th recalls shaking his hand backstage. Di Chapman, Alex ‘Nibs’ Molineaux and Sean Masters have been identified as being in the picture.

In more recent years, with the National changes in age set up, the Venture Scouts and Rangers have regularly produced annual “Gang Shows” with considerable success; reaching the standard entitling them to wear the special scarf last year, and this year they even had a visit from Ralph Reader himself.’    Ken North  70 years in Scouting  (dated 1978).

See FS 120163  Scout Show recognition scheme

Ÿ Gang Shows The most traditional form of Scout Shows is the Gang Show. This is a fast moving revue show that was initiated by Ralph Reader CBE in 1932, and remains popular today. Traditionally Gang Shows have celebrated National Recognition through the wearing of red scarves with the Gang Show emblem embroidered on the back. This was the scarf that the cast of the original London Gang Show used to wear.

JWR Archivist June 2019