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Seeonee Pack was a Pack for Cubmasters.  The function probably altered between Districts.

Cambridge Seeonee Pack

This very early list of names used by members of the Seeonee Pack gives a mix of Jungle Book and Woodcraft names. Brown Tip and Golden Quill, are Jungle Book names, White Fox and Golden Eagle are not.

Miss Issacson of the 28th was always uses Iki, usually spelt Ikki, and was always known as ‘Ikey’.

Cambridgeshire Collection


1932    The Seeonee Pack was formed after a Cub Scouter meeting in October 1932.  It was proposed that the first four meetings be used for training courses.  ‘It is hoped that all Old Wolves and others who wish to improve their knowledge of Cubbing will become members of the pack‘ (Grafton Street Gazette – GSG).   In 1932 the term Old Wolves was used for Cub Leaders.

The Boy Scout Association was flourishing at this time as is evidenced by the article below. Support for new leaders was necessary.

The Scouter 1932

1933    The Seeonee Pack designed a scarf, Maroon with a 1inch gold border

1934    Preparations for Investiture into the Pack announced in GSG.            The Seeonee Pack provided an element for the 26th fund raising concert called Fierce Feathers.

1938    Lantern Slide of Greece


1947    Seeonee pack to be reformed                        District Minutes Although not stated it would be reasonable to assume that the Second World War played some part in this hiatus.

1948    Seeonee Pack reformed – Cub Scouters and Cub Instructors invited to attend – run on lines suggested in The Scouter in June                 GG&AA

1949    Reported as running


1950 – 1971    In this period the Cambridge Cub Scouters Minute book records a stuttering Seeonee Pack.  It was restarted in 1953 and runs alongside Business Meetings and occasional Social Function for the leaders, social evening and occasional hikes.  Towards the end of this period the minuted business meetings were also combined with social events.  It is not clearly stated what the differences between meetings were during this period but the Seeonee Pack had elements of a Wolf Cub evenings in the activities.

1956    Cub Section Meeting advertised distinct from the Seeonee meetings also running during the year.  All Packs were required to send a representative to this meeting.

From these minutes the Seeonee Pack meeting proposals included social evenings, a Scouting Social, simple folk dancing, camp fire sing song and games based on star tests.  After a revitalisation in 1950 it was planned to run these four times a year.  Mention is made of the Seeonee Pack minute book in 1957, but references in the Business meeting decline throughout the 1960s.

Often spelt incorrectly as Seonee

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