4th Cambridge: Free Church & Corrie Road 1949 – 1992

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Opened in 1949 and meeting at the Free Church, Congregational Hall, Cherry Hinton Road, this incarnation of the 4th had an IHQ number of 27306 and a scarf of Navy Blue with a Gold border. 

Around 1959 the Group, who met in the Church Hall were asked to hold a Church parade about four times a year.   They enquired about the cost of hiring Perne Road (District HQ) for 6 months at 5/- a night.  The use of the Church Hall was stopped in 1966.

They are also given as meeting in Cowper Street, off Cherry Hinton Road, but where is hard to determine.


Although no Cubs were recorded in the 1956 or 1957 Census returns, until 1977 (when records end) both a Pack and a Troop ran.  In 1959 a ‘second pack’ was named but only one by the end of the year.  In 1964 they were running with 38 scouts with 16 Cubs moving up.  In 1965 a Senior Patrol was formed, meeting fortnightly.

A note of the ‘1st camp at Abington’ for the Cubs is unclear.  It suggests that they had not camped at Abington previously, that they had not camped at all or, possibly more likely, that they were returning to camping with a new leadership team or completely new pack.  The Scouts camped at Dovedale, which suggests some skills.

Corrie Road

The Corrie Road Scout & Guide HQ was opened in September 1977 by the Personal Secretary to the Chief Scout, Ronald E Meyer.  The building was jointly owned by the 4th Cambridge Scout Group and the 17th Cambridge Guide Company.  The Guides continue to meet at the building in 2021 under Jenny Hoyos.

Much of the building work was done by volunteers of the group. To raise funds they ran Fetes, Jumble Sales, Beetle Drives, Carol singing, Barbeques, Dances and Gang shows.  They ran a market stall, as did the 28th, selling good quality jumble.  A Whist Drive, maybe a little dated at this time, was rejected, following the poor attendance at the Beetle Drive, also possibly past its peak.  The money raised was matched by external funds: a Council grant and a grant from National Scouting.

Gang Shows

A date of 1963 is confirmed for a Group Gang Show, but a photo of a 4th & 17th Gang Show from the 1970’s also exists.  Nick Hoyos of the 4th was producer of the four District Gang Shows from 1971 to 1974. 


The frames of canoes remain in between the rafters of the building.  Neither the Pack nor the Troop are recorded as winning District Trophies.  Full lists of competitors have not been collated.


  • Pete Maskell GSL c.1977 (Chiefy)
  • R Henderson   from post 1950 list ‘Scouter in Charge‘
  • David Law       SA and 40 years Long Service
  • Nick Hoyos

Winifred Flack Barrett, of 183 Hills Road, and F A Bendall were signatories on the original lease. Winifred’s son was later involved in the 7th and took the name Syd.

Minutes from 1958 – 1980 are held in the Archives, a 1991 equipment list and Hut Maintenance Committee minutes from 1992.

JWR Archivist Jan 2021