Scout Tumbling, PT and Ju Jitsu

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Tumbling described the artistic rolls and tumbles on the ground or mats. It was the part of gymnastics that required minimal equipment and could be run alongside PT / PE, that is, physical training or physical education. When gymnastic equipment and training was available the it was clearly incorporated into the regime.

In Scouting for Boys BP encourages giving boys the responsibility for his own development and health. He observed that PT ‘drill’ does not give that responsibility.

Tumbling appears to have come to include static display pieces of two or three storeys. The evolution of the exercise, the neat execution of the construction and dismounting of the piece, comprised a significant part of the whole. In photographs we only see the headline pose in the middle.

Tumbling was not part of the Martial Arms badge although wrestling and Ju Jitsu had the merit of using the same minimal equipment.

Cambridge Archives

1911 8th Cambridge (All Saints) report providing an Indian Club display at a concert.

B P visit 1922
C T Woods’ album c 1924
Introduction to Ju Jitsu 1927  9th

1932 13th Cambridge started Tumbling as ‘a sport’ alongside boxing and quarterstaff. Displayed these skills alongside the 55th at a District Weekend camp.

1933 29th gave a display of Ju Jitsu at the Jamboreette at the Guild Hall

1937 13th Cambridge

Sketch for Garden Party display of tumbling. One of six.
13th Cambridge late 1930s

1948    40th Anniversary Rally       ‘7th Cambridge             Tumbling and PT’

 Abington c 1950

1957 7th Cambridge record a tumbling display

JWR Archivist June 2019