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The following are taken from a card index possibly c 1941/2, hand written for personal reference and not always clear.  They list the Scout Leaders that were on Active Service and those left behind. 

The listings are not uniform, only the 1st clearly list local roles and the terminology is variable. There is no clear distinction between War Service, National Service and Active Service. Active Service came to mean in the fighting forces or actually fighting. National Service could cover any role that had altered your employer and /or function as a consequence of the demands of the war.

Where recorded from this card index groups that closed are also identified.

Numbers of female leaders are also identified.  No women were listed as being on service.

Group/ Number of leaders/ Number in service/ Roles/ Service

1st4 (1f)4 Home guard x 2, Wardens x 2
5th51ASMWar Service
7th73ASMs RA, RAF, Infantry
9th72ASMs War Service
11th21SM War Service
12th10 (1f) 0
13th41SMOn National Service
15th4 (2f)0
23rd7 (2f)3ASMRAF, Military Police
25th52SM & ASMService
28th2 (2f)0
29th/42nd5 (2f)0
36th32SM & ASM On Active Service
42nd2 (2f)0
54th4 (2f)0
55th4 (4f)0
65th53GSM & SM On Active Service
ASM Killed ’41 D Custerson
30thSuspended Sept 1940
53rdSuspended during war time

Two Groups listed their Rover Crew

  • 12th 10 Active Service, 1 ARP, 1 killed on War Service
  • 23rd     3 RAF overseas, Internal 7, Army 7, Not serving 2

 A note attached to the 13th appears to read ‘Norway 27/11/40′ but this was several months after the Norwegian campaign.

W A Mackrow of the 12th in National Fire Service uniform 1942

JWR Archivist Feb 2019