63rd Cambridge (Great and Little Wilbraham)   

Cambridge District Scout Archive

63rd Cambridge (Great and Little Wilbraham)        1933 – 1937

This Group was founded shortly before the first major division of the very large Cambridge District in 1934.  IHQ 15820

In the one year of Census returns available to Cambridge District, 1934, they reported a Troop but no Pack.

On moving District it dropped the 63rd Cambridge and was known by the names of the villages alone or sometimes just Wilbraham.  The new District moved through names from North Cambridge to East Cambridge and finally Mid Cambridgeshire.

In 1937 it merged with the old 59th Cambridge (Bottisham) then also known as Bottisham and became Bottisham Village College Scout Group.  The new District struggled during the war and was temporarily and later permanently reabsorbed into Cambridge District and new numbers allocated to the Groups.  Bottisham Village College became the 59th Cambridge (BVC) and ran until 1951.

JWR Archivist July 2022