Voyage of the Moronel

Cambridge District Scout Archive

In 1935 the Cambridge University Sea Scouts cruised to the Rover Moot at Ingarö, Stockholm, Sweden aboard the Moronel.

All the crew were University Sea Scouts other than D’Almaine who was a Deep Sea Scout.

Leaving on July 6th they crossed the North Sea and into the Baltic via the Kiel Canal.  Mackerel was so abundant in the North Sea that they caught be caught by jiggling pieces of silver paper on a hook over the side.  Having passed through the Kiel Canal they passed a flotilla of German destroyers the lead destroyer acknowledging their dipped flag.

They returned crossing the breath of Sweden east to west then retracing their steps via the Kiel Canal.

They arrived at Stockholm at on the 22nd via Rønne Havn and Visby, spending July 31st to August 5th an Ingarö.  During their time at the Moot they did several short trips.  One of their guests on board was The Chief Scout.

The Log book recorded the cost per head as a little over £9.

The voyage was recorded in camp logs and contemporaneous reports appeared in international papers.

JWR Archivist June 2019