Flood Relief in Derbyshire 1957

Cambridge District Scout Archive

From the Chief Constable of Derbyshire

“On 6th August, 1957, a party of some 300 scouts from the Jubilee Jamboree visited the Ashbourne district of this County and their visit coincided with the serious flooding of some of the villages on the outskirts of the town.

I have received a report regarding the work of five of these boys in particular who were from the Cambridge Contingent.

They are:-       

  • Peter Reuben
  • Robin Farrington
  • Glyn Burroughes
  • Roger Summerfield
  • Roger Loose

They assisted the Rector of Snelston in the salvage of property and swilling out of the houses and, arriving when the people who had been working since early morning were beginning to feel the strain, did an excellent job.

I should be glad if you would cause to be conveyed to them my appreciation of their conduct on this occasion which was a credit to the Scout movement

The five boys concerned are from the following Troops:-

7th and 23rd Cambridge, 1st Oakham and 2nd March”

From Roger Summerfields album
Host vicar

J W R Archivist Jan 2019