55th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

From Ken Drake

It looks far more complicated than I thought it was. I was in the 55th until just before it merged with the 12th. The 55th was then run by Beryl Tebbitt and as your information correctly states they were peripatetic in that Arbury Baptist did not feature in our meeting places and  frequently we met in various recreation grounds including Chesterton and the Alexandra Gardens which were close to St Luke’s School. John Impey was a keen member of the Pack and remained a friend of Beryl until she died. I have  a photo of this group taken by my father who took many photos during the war, including many weddings. This might well be useful for the archives. I know that County Archives are interested in having a copy and I ought also to provide one for the Cambridgeshire Collection at the Cental Library

In starting a new group (Putnoe, Bedfordshire) we had the opportunity of selecting the scarf colours and it did not take us long to decide that we would use the 55th Cambridge one of Cambridge Light Blue and Scouting Green. There were several reasons for our choice apart form the fact that I had started my scouting career at the 55th. I had been to Cambridge University so it was appropriate to include the light blue for that, Scouting green was also appropriate, and on top of that my wife went to the former Girls County School, now Long Road Sixth Form College and her school colours were – yes you guessed it – light blue and green. It was great to see them still wearing these coloured scarves in 2007.

Best wishes


JWR Archivist Mar 2019