1st Cambridge

In 1937 Leys School Archive record that after an eight year interim the 1st paraded their flag for the first time.

Listed in local directory 1968.

Meeting at St Faiths. This last iteration of the 1st Cambridge before a revival as ‘Orchard Park’ eventually diminished to a pack. In c 2000, with a falling membership and a core leadership of one, they started to meet with the 12th Cambridge, itself at a low ebb. The very few boys did not take to the new pack and, in the absence of a resurgance of the 1st, left. The leader, Chris Scott, joined the 14th.

A new group took the name 1st Cambridge (Orchard Park) in 2009. In no way connected with Sea Scouts it is based on the new area of Cambridge to the north.

JWR Archivist Jan 2019