The Scouter

Cambridge District Scout Archive

July 1909         ‘publication in July of The Headquarters Gazette.  It appeared in a green rough-paper cover, with a design of appalling ugliness, and boasted sixteen pages.’            B-P’s Scouts     An Official History

  • Headquarters Gazette    1909 – 1923    Monthly for Adult Scouters renamed-
  • The Scouter                      1923 – 1971    Monthly for Adult Scouters renamed –
  • Scouting                            1971 – date     Monthly for Adult Scouters diminishing to 6, 4 then 3 issues a year with the uptake of electronic media

The Archive holds copies the following copies of The Scouter, reanmed Scouting from 1971.

Jan 1930 – Dec 1992 A very few copies are missing

Donations to complete the series would be very welcome.

The bulk were donated by Professor Patrick Duff and delivered to his University. Some copies were also delivered to Ken North, again at his work address at the University.


The Scouter was the source of policy changes and discussions. It gives a back ground context to the local events that are the focus of this site. When the warrants sheets remain with the edition they are particularly useful. These stopped at WW2, and generally get lost. The Rolls of Honour are another source of information as are St Georges Day awards.

The change in covers found in the Archive collection are shown below.

1934 3d
1940 3d
1941 3d
1942 3d
1947 6d
1954 9d
1969 2/-
1970 2/- 10p
1971 13p
1976 30p
1978 40p
1979 70th anniversary
1983 80p

JWR Archivist May 2020