Cambridge District Scout Archive

Traditional tents have altered over the years with better and more permanent waterproofing, often thicker canvases and the more usual use of fly sheets. Few are as prone to drip through at a touch as was once the experience.

The tents below from the 1930’s are clearly thinner, single skinned and without ridge poles. Thinner versions still become harder to pitch.

They required regular work on the waterproofing – 55th accounts 1935      ‘1½ lbs. each of sugar of lead and alum for waterproofing tents’

Not all camps were under ‘Patrol’ tents and cycle camps also used lightweight tents.

1931    ‘Dusty and I had a couple of Bivouac sheets which buttoned along the top and used our staffs as poles’   Ken North 

JWR ARrhivist Sept 2019