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Cambridge District Scout Archive

Youth Centered organizations

The Cambridge District Boy Scouts Association has participated in Organisations of similarly minded Clubs. Many of these have been initiated by the Council

Cambridge Archives

1917    Proposed to ask Borough to run evening classes in Scout activities

1920    Joint Organizations Committee and Cambridge Federation of Boys Clubs overlap.  They  become affiliated and Scouts pay a reduced fee to CFBG, do not participate in sports element but do seek camp grants from JOC.

1922    Cambridge Association of Boys Clubs            (misnaming of above?)  District Minutes Jan

1931    (Town Council) Education Committee gave Joint Organizations Committee ₤240 to allocate to poor clubs.  This largely went to YMCA boys.  Poor troops, without wealthy benefactors, were encouraged to request funds for camps.

1933    Cambridge and County Juvenile Organizations Committee ‘gave grants’

1934    Representatives asked to join inaugural meeting of YHA in Cambridge

1938    55th Camp grant from J O C    ₤1/10/-

1941    Cambridge Federation of Boys Organizations           District Minutes          Scout involvement unclear as the note was of the start of the organization.

1942    ‘Federation of Boys and Girls clubs was to be reformed.’     District Minutes

1943    International Youth Week

1944    YOC grants not applied for

1946    Camp grants received and paid out

1947    Confederation of Youth Leaders Conference             Soham

1947    Borough Youth Committee

1947    Youth Sports Clubs

1949    Camp grants from Local Authority or Local Education Authority

1949    Cambridge Council of Youth   Two Senior Scouts to sit on the committee.

1949    Cambridge Education Bulletin to all recognized youth organizations in the City and County

1950    Borough Youth Committee     Organization named as the place where concerns about Empire Youth Sunday parade be voiced.

1951    DC and Sec to attend 100th anniversary of YMCA

1964    Map of Youth Clubs prepared for meeting of Youth Committee (totals below)

1966    Cambridge Education Officer running City Youth Committee.  Scouts invited  Dist Min

1972    City Youth Committee ceased to function.     Scouter participant reported 

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Other Organizations

1946    Casualties Union         Sec and Ellwood to go on course        (provides realistic casualties for practice scenarios- still active) It is of note that Scouts were the casualties for at least two major simulated emergencies immediately before and during the Great War.

1951    Accident Prevention Council Home Safety Week       Scouter seconded

Youth Groups Cambridge City 1964   

Youth Clubs and PHAB (Physical Handicap Able bodied) 27
Boys Brigade6
Girls Brigade3
ACF (Army Cadet Force)4
ATC Air Training Corps3
Red Cross1
St John’s Ambulance1

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