Roll of Honour: Not Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

In researching Cambridge Scouts who died in conflicts occasionally a reference is found to a Scout who was outside Cambridge District; most likely Cambridgeshire Scout County.

Where these are not included on Gilwell Rolls of Honour they have been noted and forwarded to the Scouts Heritage Team.

They are on a separate list and identified alphabetically.

LetterTo HQServiceGroup
Jeffery Day (Miles Jeffery Game Day)ARNAS?
Russell Mervyn WheelerBArmyHarrow County School
Walter (Henry or Harry) BartlettCArmySt J, Camb & Canada
Gadsby DringDArmy?
Alec BaileyEArmyLakenheath
  • Jeffery Day St Ives War Poet DSC
  • Russell Mervyn Wheeler 35 year old teacher originally from Over, Cambridgeshire.
  • W H Bartlett Silver Wolf 9/1915 from Canadian Scouting. St Johns before 1907
  • Gadsby Dring from Cambridgeshire Kitcheners by Joanna Coston
  • Alec Bailey Lakenheath from Cambridgeshire Kitcheners by Joanna Coston

Cambridge links

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Note: A number of entries in Gilwell Roll of Honour mention Cambridge as the pace of burial. These are probably related to timeand death in Eastern Hospital.

JWR Archivist Mar 2021