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The following Troops were all labelled as 4th Cambridge District at various times. The odd dates may either be faulty designation as the 4th in the original or accurately reflect intermittent nature of the Troops.

Longstanton   1910

Little is known about this troop.  It is of note that when Histon first became 4th Cambridge District they are recorded as camping in Longstanton and repulsing a surprise attack by a Longstanton Troop which had then become 3rd Cambridge District (Longstanton and Lolworth). 

Haslingfield 1912

A single record in 1912 Scout Rally.

Histon 1913 – 1915

Origins            Histon Scouts was formed independently by Douglas Bowles and did not register with the Cambridge District warranted by Baden Powell Scouts.   It became part of the Peace Scout umbrella and was reviewed by Sir Francis Vane, the chief funder of the British Boy Scouts, the largest group. 

Reviewed by Sir Francis in March 1911.  He found their signalling and ambulance work excellent and their drill good.  Above all the lads were polite.  ‘He proclaimed Histon not only the First Peace Scouts of All in England but the First in all the world, gave them the title of “Sir Francis Vane’s Own” and presented them with his personal crest as their badge’. 

Shortly after this Sir Francis, who had overstretched his finances, declared himself bankrupt and the BBS lost their source of uniform and central HQ.

Histon switched allegiance and are listed in the 1912 Annual report (which may have appeared in early 1913) with D Bowles as SM. Certainly by January 1913 had become the 4th Cambridge District (Baden Powell’s) Troop of the Baden Powell Boy Scouts.

The Troop, however, disbanded as SM Bowles’ health deteriorated and business pressures increased.  They merged with the Histon Boys Brigade. From Mike Petty’s Memories

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Meldreth 1920

Dry Drayton 1920

Two records in 1920, including Reveille.

Melbourne and Meldreth

Foxton 1931 No additional details concerning this entry. Also listed in a 1930 fund raising concert. Maybe a short version of an extended title that then reverted to M&M or was later shortened to M&M. Groups registered each year and titles were relatively easy to alter. These were not always formally reported to IHQ.

Melbourne and Meldreth

1923 to 1934 when they moved to South Cambridge(shire),later Granta, as 4th Cambridge District , and were no longer recorded in Cambridge District records.

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