Tales from the Early Warrant List

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The following tales are presented as they are unravelled.  Many feed into other articles on the site; some stand alone as tales of the earliest Scouts or and what became of them.

They are not presented in any order other than when they were unwrapped. Many names are likely to remain unidentified or without sufficient detail to offer a tale of note.

L H Jagenberg: Hostis Amicus

Jagenberg L H St Catherine’s College Instr (uctor) 4.12.1913

On the St Catherine’s College Roll of Honour is entered Hostis Amicus: L H Jagenberg.  Out of alphabetical order the name was brought to the attention of the College as worthy of inclusion many years after the Great War.  L H Jagenberg was a member of the Royal German Navy Flying Corps and was killed in training 7th October 1914.  The date of this record was September 1939.

From St Cats Magazine Sept 1939

IN the carven oak panels of the War Memorial, on the south wall of the Chapel, there has been added during the past year a new name. The St. Catharine’s Society at a recent meeting had asked that the record for 1914-1918 should be made complete, so that honour might be given. HOSTIS AMICUS L. H. JAGENBERG

It is perhaps consistent with the irony of things that, some twenty years after the end of the war, the friend and enemy should not be altogether forgotten ; and something of that irony might be thought to be, in a sense, a commentary on Cambridge during the past year. Jagenberg, his contemporaries tell us, was loved and respected ; it is right that all members of a College, whatever their nationality, should share equally the fellowship of the living, and the honour of the dead. Now, when scholarship is prostituted to politics or creeds, it is more necessary than ever that Universities should revert to the medieval tradition that recognized no such barriers, and the College must welcome the strangers among us, the friends and the enemies.

He is recorded as flying in 1913 at the Ewen flight school Hendon and was awarded pilots licence No. 577 in August 1913.

L H Jagenberg is not recorded in the Cambridge University War List. 

hostis: an enemy of the state           amicus: friend, comrade


F J Mallet

F J Mallett 66 Victoria Park ASM 23.6.1910

Mr Mallet, Frederick John, brother to Howard Mallett (long time Cambridge Scouter and later ‘Scouting Mayor’), left Britain in 1914 to teach science in Upper Canada College, Toronto. He participated in the Great War, returning as a Major having been awarded the MC and bar, then returned to Canada and remained at the college until he retired in 1960.

Like his brother he was loyal to the institutions in which he invested his worth. The story behind his MC and bar have not been unpicked. 1st Battalion Gloucester Regiment.


B P Luscumbe

Luscombe B P St Catherine’s College ASM 29/5/1913

Bernard Porter Luscombe from Reepham, Norfolk joined the Royal Field Artillery and was later attached to a Trench Mortar Battalion. He became a prisoner of war and was placed at the Holzminden POW camp between 1917 – 1918. He became part of a major escape plan, tunnelling under the wire. As an musician he organised the orchestral practice to cover the sound of the digging and to signal the presence of guards. At the point of escape the diggers were first out and the supporting team came later. Bernard was one of the last pair out before the tunnel collapsed, and the first to be recaptured after a night out. 29 escaped, 10 got to Holland and safety. The event was later filmed.

See The Tunnels of Holzminden, H G Durnford

Image result for B p luscombe Holzminden
B P Luscombe with his Grandmother. Date unknown.

B P Luscombe later became ordained and was injured at Dunkirk in WW2.


J W A Ollard

Ollard J W A North Brink, Wisbech SM 27/2/1911

Lt JWA Ollard , centre front, with Tug o’ war team ‘Benwick Chickens’

John William Arthur Ollard, Downing College, Cambridge. 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment from 1912 retired in 1919 with the rank of Captain. He was re-employed in 1941 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Mayor of Wisbech, 1927; Alderman; High Sheriff, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. He was appointed an Officer of St John in 1943, Knight Commander of St Gregory in 1948. The OBE is a Civil award.

See also http://www.cambridgeshireregiment1914-18.co.uk/st-eloi.html