Polar Explorers

Scout Shop badge set February 2020

Cambridge being the home of the Scott Polar Institute and the British Antartctic Survey and the focus of much research it is perhaps not surprising that we can claim some connections to polar explorers.

  • Roger Crabtree of the 5th Cambridge was a member of the British Antarctic Survey for ten years and received the Polar Medal. (See Awards, Badges and Insignia/ Other medals)
  • Sir Vivian Fuchs became a sponsor of the Tithe Venture Scout Unit. The Fuchs medal for members of the British Antarctic Survey, is named in his honour.
  • Gino Watkins, one of the ‘names’ selected for Senior Scout patrols, was at Cambridge and recruited his team in part from Cambridge – One, and only one, of whom, Freddie Spencer Chapman, I have yet been able to identify as a Scout. (See Structure/Sections/ Patrol Names: Cambridge Connections)
  • Edward Wilson, another senior Scout patrol ‘name’ who accompanied Scott was at Gonville and Cauis as a student. The copy of Scouting for Boys that accompanied him to the Antarctic is held by the Heritage Collection at Gilwell. (See Structure/Sections/ Patrol Names: Cambridge Connections)

The role of Rev Harold Ernest Lumsden has also been overlooked. ADC for the Cambridge District in 1923 he went on to become Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Falkland Islands. During his time there he presided over the consecration of Sir Ernest Shackletons grave on South Georgia. Most notably in 1934 he provided the British Grahamland Survey ship the Penola with an additional crew member, his cat Lummo.

Lummo, also known as Lumus or Lummus, survived over two years on the voyage, being fed on seal liver and penguin breast. A rock at the SW of the Wilhelm Archipelago is named Lumus Rock in his memory. He was the only ships cat to survive and returned to live in Surrey with a member of the crew. He died during WW2.

http://www.purr-n-fur.org.uk/ Antarctic Cats

The Scouting connection with the British Antarctic Survey continues despite the requirement for members to be out of the Country for several months at a time.


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