Also ran

Following up the later histories of those on Gillwell’s list of early Cambridge Warrants (pre WW1) has lead to some new candidates of for the Rolls of Honour. These have been added to the appropriate page under Local History/ WW1 WW2/ Rolls of Honour.

Others were listed as gaining Gallantry Medals, and these have fed into the page considering the frequency of holders joining Scouting and coming from Scouting – to no clear cut conclusions. See – Structure/ District/ Early Establishment Support.

It would be odd if some of the Cambridge students, at least, had not moved towards the top of their professions, Professors, Bishops and the like, and these have fed into unpublished lists which may inform later pages.

And a small subset of Prisoners of War is emerging. Some died in captivity. I had written ‘none were rewarded with medals for Gallantry’ but one has emerged who was – at least for escaping and getting home. These inevitable but unfortunate individuals tend to get lost in the records – these are rarely places from which stories or histories emerge.

But at least one (now two) Cambridge Scouters did participate in action most worthy of note from prison. The story of the Great Wars ‘Great Escape’ can be found under People/ Individuals/ Early Warrants/ Tales from the Early Warrants.


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