Cambridge Scouts Boat Club

Active from 1923 to 1979 this boat club, apparently unique within Scouting, was very successful in terms of numbers involved and listed some notable achievements along the way.

The first workings of these pages have now been put on the site. Much of the information relating to pre 1950 racing is as yet incomplete. Few pictures have come to my attention.

See Activities/ Cambridge Scouts Boat Club

I hope to have sight of the Minutes of the Club to fill in the details and would like to track down reports, photographs and possibly more celebratory oars.

1948                From Oxford   Extract of a Conversation between one of our members and several members of a London (rowing) club

  • London Club                “We have an easy race against some Boy scouts”
  • Scout                           “I wish you the best of luck”

One hour afterwards in the changing room the same London club were putting on their blazers having been easy beaten by the little boy scouts. GG&AA


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