‘Browned off’ Rovers +

I have restarted with a jump into the 1940’s and the Evercircular letters of the 23rd Cambridge Crew. Two days and only half way through but it is beginning to feed into existing pages. A very interesting cross section of military roles. Some were not ‘heroic’; but then a quiet life was when all that happened was ‘a month or two ago when Jerry dropped a bomb in the back garden’.

The Forces Bulletin, located in the Cambridgeshire Collection, has provided little of ‘Cambridge’ but was kept with the Evercircular letters; National support alongside the Group support to the dispersed Scouts. A page has been drawn out and will sit best in Local History/ WW1/ WW2.

‘Individuals’ have been further subdivided into Cambridge Scouts, Cambridge Scouters, and Scouts up at Cambridge. The first is for Cambridge Scouts who moved on to other fields, the second for leaders active in Cambridge and the third for Scouts or Scouters who passed through the University without being involved in Scouting within the District (as far as records show).


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