Back into the camping season

The next month will see me back into the camping season. Few new pages in the next month or so.

A couple of pages have been pulled out of the mess around the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry, a most unclear body of information – to much inclined towards bombast and few hard details. I have integrated a fair number of snippets into existing pages from the 12th Cambridge records held at the Central Library. Old fashioned scrapbooks are so useful.

I have a half completed page on Cambridge Scouters with military Gallantry medals but I am not quite sure what it adds up to – maybe nothing. Similarly I have a half formed page on pacifists within Cambridge Scouting but not existing as a single body they are not readily identified and, I suspect, the relatively few I have found are an underestimate. This too may add up to nothing

One larger project awaits, and a number of lists which should be out there but are clearly incomplete with no ready way of filling the gaps or resolving the uncertainties.

Bit by bit.

Do ask if you would like to see anything in particular. It would be good to be nudged beyond my notions of what is interesting. If I can’t I will say and why.


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