Last Night

The last night at the shop held a small cameo piece that placed the Equipment Store and Cambridge Scout Shop in a wider context. Two Scouting visitors with minimal English, possibly from just over the North Sea, were insistent on taking photographs of the shop and the workers.

I do not know if they were aware that it was the last night, but the style of the room and the evident seniority of the volunteers evidenced the worth and the work given to Scouting, the shop and the District. They saw that our norm was anything but. The Shop has been a remarkable example of the strength of Scouting in Cambridge.

They insisted on photographs (as did I). See Structure/ District/ Equipment Store.

Bob and Pam and one last night customer from the 28th. His tie, bedecked with fleur de lys, is choosen for the occasion.

We will all need somewhere new to go with a chance of bumping into as much Scouting experience and friendship.


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