The Equipment Store: Curtains

The Equipment store came into being on Monday 15th November 1926.

Originally housed in the Grafton Street HQ the Equipment Store become an important part of the District. In the days of letters and noticeboards it provided an informal point of contact alongside selling equipment and clothing.

It survived a slow start and the Second World War to regularly contribute significant sums to the District for many years. This kept the District portion of the yearly Capitation at a low and occasionally very low level.

The Scout Shop, the informal name change came well before it was formally adopted, moved to Perne Road with the opening of the HQ in 1957. Despite initial concerns it thrived at the new site only diminishing with the advent of online shopping. It was at this point that Ken North purchased the curtains for the cubicles – they have ‘done service’ for 62 years.

See Structure/ District/ Cambridge Scout Shop/ The Equipment Store

An incomplete list of those who worked at the shop can be found on this page. I would very much like to add as many names as possible to this list. Please contact me through the Website ‘Contacts’ with names and recollections. Thank you.


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