One year on

In recognition of the first faltering year of this site I offer a small memory of John Chambers, whose collection was the core of the physical archive, and in recognition of Rosemary whose generosity in passing on his vast collection to friends and the District made it all possible.

John’s sheath knives

I have yet to write a page specifically on John and his many activities. If any who knew him would care to forward memories or stories they will be most welcome. The dry bones of Groups, dates and roles need the tang of the personal to round out the story.

Whilst most of the Cambridge specific items in John’s collection were passed to District many other items from John’s collection would inform the early years generally and Cambridge specifically. If you were among John’s friends who have part of his collection as a momento please do attach a note asking that they be held with respect or offered to the Cambridge District Scout Archive or the Cambridgeshire Collection at the central library.

I volunteer in second hand charity bookshop and am very aware of much that is passed on without an appreciation of their worth to an archivist. Without these sources we cannot tell the tale of all those who came before and who are here now. We are still missing many of the central records from the 1950s and after 1983. Thank you.


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