Victorian Scouts

Having recently got around to accessing the 13th Cambridge (Notts Own) archives I have the great pleasure of opening their original Troop Register.

The first Scout listed, George Clarence Austin of Sedgewick Street, was born in June 1895 – and would remain under Victoria’s reign for over five years. He joined the Troop on its opening on the 1st June 1910 aged 14’11”, the oldest of the first seven scouts. The youngest was 12′ 9”

The well rounded 3 in the 13th reads as an 8 – a function of handwriting style, the quality of the cardboard and the ink nib combination.

It should be remembered that the vast majority of British scouts are now Elizabethans.

The archive contains elements of the 7th, 7th/23rd, which amalgamated with the 13th around 2005 and the references to the 67th Cambridge which amalgamated with the 13th in 1944. The information from this register and the rest of the archive will feed existing pages and create new.


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