Evercircular Letters

This survival is proving to be a very interesting piece on young men scattered by the war. It has generated a dozen pieces before I have finished the first read through and will provide several more before I can get to the Scouting nub of the whole.

The Evercircular letters were a correspondence between Patrols of Rovers and Scouts, largely from the 23rd Cambridge, who had been broken up by the Second World War. The information garnered is feeding into the existing pages and will stand alone as an unusual open correspondence between friends.

It has taken several weeks, interspersed by camps, to get this far. I will complete the first work and probably rest on the whole, to step away from my small enthusiasms and see the wider picture.

I know of one existing relative in Cambridge who will be interested in the letters. If you know of any more please bring this to their attention. I will bring out a complete list of correspondents and the far wider list of people mentioned when I have completed the first reading.


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