An unexpected snippet

Having been in a field for the last for days I had not expected to pick up archive work. I chatted to a college about the founder of the 12th and added a piece to that jigsaw. Then whilst talking to the Cubs during a break in activities one, presumably without knowing my archive role and not from my pack, approached me to say that John Travers Cornwell (and he gave the full name) was still recalled in his family as being an uncle of one of his forebears.

The Cub did not mention the VC held by Jack, and indeed in explaining to other Cubs who he was nor did I. I am not clear why it was not a part of the family story to have become a permanent attachment to his name. Maybe he forgot.

Similarly I am not clear why I did not recall it in the moment other than we had passed and discussed a Commonwealth War Graves headstone on the hike and discussed the dead of the Great War. In telling of Jack I gentled down the martial element but recognised the Scouting spirit, working through all difficulties, doing his best.


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