1st Harston

I have had the pleasure of meeting Robin Summerfield (see Flood Relief in Derbyshire) now GSL of 1st Harston.  For a long time they were in South Cambridgeshire/ Granta and have now moved to Royston District.  Interestingly the Group was formed as a patrol of the 56th Haslingfield  Group in 1934 when they were both in Cambridge District.

The original log books exist and give many interesting insights into he formation of village groups, but little about the start of the new District (see The Changing District).

Robin has passed on a trophy to the District and identified the location of another.

Part of their history can be seen on the Harston History page, under Communities.

Pages on Dens, Early meeting places and dates phrases have been added along with a number of Group pages, down from 69th and up from 1st Cambridge District.  These will be added in small batches.   Some of the Group pages still need constructing.

This site is the only place that google locates as mentioning the 58th Cambridge Scouts.  Maybe someone will want to know some day.


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