Rumbling busy

The ‘Trophy’ section has been started with those Trophies that exist in the Cambridge District Scout Archive Collection. The physical trophy gives significant amounts of information over and above the engraved names.

The names are used as the definitive list of winners, details which cannot be assumed from annual reports which cover two years.

The physical work and financial worth of a trophy gives information about perceived or intended worth of the event . The early trophies are not just another pre-made shield indistinguishable on the shelf but items with hall marked details or considerable workmanship invested into their manufacture. See the Scout Athletics shield and Swimming Trophy.

The ‘Uniforms’ section has three pieces added, in particular the Scout Scarves and a revamped piece on knives.

‘Sections’ have new pieces on ‘Ladies’ and Camping has a piece on recording of past camps.

As with most of these pages they have been pre prepared and have been waiting for the site to be ready. I am beginning to start new pages, not because the existing ones are all up loaded but because that is the fun bit.


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