Awards, de Beaumont’s and more struggles

A good number of new pages have been added over the past week. Trousers and Shirts and Hats, also awards and Chief Scouts in Cambridge(shire) which is as much a plea for more information as a definitive list. The de Beaumont family who were hugely influential in Cambridge Guiding but also LR Missen who was a passing Cambridge Scouter but nicely illustrates the difficulty when considering the influence of the Military.

Also Beacons and Flags and Pennants.

I am still working on a layout for the individual Group information. I can put it on a page but it is not an easy read.

Mike Petty’s compendious work I am now trawling for Scout references. The temptation to step into distraction is great but not using the search has the merit of fleshing out the era. The speed limit of 2 mph through the village, the howls from the 11 year old boys and their mother on the sentence of birching, the excitement at seeing aircraft overhead and the first reports from the front line. I am still in 1914.

Please do pass on your memories, a sentence or a paragraph or an essay.


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