New pages

I have been filling the site with pre-existing finished pages. Whilst I have many of these left to load, particularly the individual ‘groups’, I will start to add some newly completed pages.

The added pages on the Cornwell Badge and in particular Eric Curwain have been less than straightforward to compile and as such eventually most satisfying.

Most pages will be updated as new information comes in. Some, such as scarves (when I load it) will remain unaltered as it does not purport to be a comprehensive list but a discussion with examples. New categories of information on scarves will be added if they arise.

The menu categories may be rearranged as categories develop. This will certainly be the case with ‘Groups’ which will hold about 150 pages when they are complete, 21 Cambridge District numbers, 69 Cambridge numbers, many numberless Groups or ‘1st’s’, Rovers, Ventures, Explorers and any section that requires a page.

I will intersperse these with attempting to reload the pages with missing parts or photo’s.

Please do pass on your records so that I can include them or add details to existing pages. The lack of detail on some subjects is informative in its absence but this lack is a largely mono-dimensional piece of information. The snippets and asides give depth and colour.


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