The first week

A few days in and I am getting to grips with how to add charts and graphs and pictures. Many of the pages require a little more editing as I see them on the screen. The shape of the menu is likely to change as categories become clearer.

I am very aware that one or two of the early pieces are of very limited interest to anyone, but they had no pictures and were useful test pages for me, easy to get on and not disastrous if lost. West Cambridge 1935 is the least interesting of pages and I suspect I am the only one who knows more of it’s existence than the single line in W T Thurbons ‘Archaeology’. It does, however, complete the picture of divisions of the District and, taking me some pains to untangle, was a satisfying piece of the jigsaw to put in place.

I will be moving to more of the Group pages over the next week.

As you identify gaps or errors please let me know.

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