The mockers

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Scouting has been open to mockery from its first days. The clothing created a distinctive uniform, but also one that invited mockery. Cambridge history does not give any details of jibes from the ‘local youth’ or ‘urchins’.

The rivalry between Boys Brigade or Church Lads Brigade is acknowledged, if details of local cat calls or insults are lacking.

The focus of complaints has also altered with Scout bands or Bugle calls being an early target and the irritation of answering the door to a Scout on ‘Bob a Job’ a later point of dissatisfaction for some. See pages under ‘Activities’.

A fine piece of Cricklewood/ Hampstead doggerel quoted in 1933

‘ere comes the Brussel spraht’

‘is shirt is ‘anging aht,

Yer knees look very cold mate,

Wot er yer doing abaht.