St John’s Incumbents and Scouting

Cambridge District Scout Archives

1911                            Rev A E Love (1903 – 1914)

Chaplain to 1st Cambridge District Troop (1910 – 1912)       Warranted 26/6/1911

1917                            Rev G F Jackson (1914 – 1927)

3rd Cambridge Morley School (1913 – 1918)  The DSM met the SM, the Vicar of St John’s, in March 1917 following a discussion in the District Executive meeting.  Little else is known about this Troop.

1919 – 1921                 Rev G F Jackson (1914 – 1927)

A 28th Cambridge Cherry Hinton Troop was formed in 1919.  It did not last for more than two years.  There is no clear connection between that Troop and the existing 28th other than the number.  They met in ‘the Church Rooms, Blinco Grove’.

1919? – 25?

7th Cambridge (County school) occasionally met in St John’s Mission Room Blinco Grove

1928 – date                  Rev J Patterson Morgan (1927 – 1938)

Current 28th Cambridge (St John’s) started in 1928.  The Group has always been ‘Open’ and Rev Morgan was not on the Registration in any capacity.  The Church was willing to be named and to offer rooms to host the Group.

Between 1928 and the building of the 28th Headquarters in 1979 the Group meet in various incarnations of St John’s Church Hall (St John’s Institute, Parish Hall, etc.) in Blinco Grove.

1951                            Rev John Needham (1947 – 1955)

Colours of the 28th Troop (the Scout troop joined the Cub pack in 1950) dedicated by Curate of St John’s P V R Pennant and an address given by the Rev John Needham.  The congregation of Cubs, Scouts, District Officers, families totalled 400.

Rev James Shakespeare 2017 –

Rev Canon Sue Elizabeth Wyatt 2006-16

Rev Canon David Peter Edington Reindorp 1997-2006

Rev Canon Brian Noel Jones 1989-1997

Rev Canon Charles Frederick Wilkinson 1975-1988

Rev Canon Frederick Elwyn Stanbury 1956-74

Rev John Needham 1947-1955

Rev Robert J A Jary 1938-1947

Rev J Patterson Morgan 1927-1938

Rev G F  Jackson 1914-1927

Reverend A E Love 1903-1914

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Reverend John George 1897-1903