Salamander VSU

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This short lived Unit was formed around 1998. The following is from member Rowan Pashley.

Salamander VSU was so called, because at the first meeting, we all had to choose a name. The 28th weren’t keen on us being associated with them, as our first choice was the 28th VSU. So we went with a different name. Salamander seemed to be the best of the suggestions. We also picked a black scarf with yellow trim at the same time.

We met at the 28th HQ (Flamsteed Road), and started off with about eight of us, all ex 28th. Unfortunately it folded after a year or so as we were all the same age, so went off to do A-levels at the same time. We didn’t really gain enough members from elsewhere when we started up.

JWR Archivist Sep 2021