Patrol Leaders Meetings

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Patrol Leaders Meetings within a Troop were ‘Courts of Honour’. Patrol Leaders also met within the District and County.

In 1952, as an example, PLs meet at Houghton Hall, Union Street for a weekend meeting lead by Haydn Dimmock, Editor of’ The Scout’. This was a County event.

The details of the meeting have not been unpicked and the PLs of both Scout and Senior Scout Patrols may have been present. It ran from Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon and comprised a mix of games, campfire education on the role and films that showed the International opportunities in Scouting.

A number of other PL events are recorded in the archives and these will be added to this record as they are revisited. No clear change in style or function has been observed.

JWR Archivist Feb 2021