Operation Gauntlet

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The District Archives do not hold details of this National Competition. The surviving details suggest that it was a Patrol competition and ran from1965- 1966. It comprised six elements, those who completed a number of the elements received awards. It is implied that the Wayfinders Woggle is different from the Wayfinders Award but not all reporters, even within the County hierarchy, understood the details of every initiative.

Achieving all six received the plaque.

1966                                                       28 patrols from the 30 groups (in the district) had participated

County AGM 1966                           86 patrols, 31 troops, 63 awarded woggles, 46 Pennants and 35 Plaques for completing all 6 challenges –  also 37 Wayfinders Awards

13th Cambridge 1965 – 1966
Located Scout Shop June 2022

For all six challenges – this apparently unissued

JWR Archivist June 2022