New Roll of Honour WW1

Cambridge District Scout Archive

These names were forwarded to Gilwell Rolls of Honour in 2018 and
are all new to the Scouting roll of honour.

Five of the seven have taken from the Early Warrants list in Gilwell Archives and identified as being at Cambridge University War List.  The relevant page in the Cambridge University War List has been reproduced.  The connection with Cambridge is through the University and the home addresses are not given here.  Norton Fagge had moved to India in c 1912.

Two others come from contemporary records and have been identified through the same list. 

Captain            F(rederick Walter Langford Grantly) Norton Fagge                       SM and Sec. of LA. 

Nov 18th 1916              Indian Army Reserve of Officers               Buried Basra

Captain            Hugh Mortimer Ferguson     5th Cambridge SM

11/06/1917     9th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment            Buried Railway Dugouts Burial Ground

Lieutenant       G K Savile                               5th Cambridge ASM

20/6/1915       Gloucestershire Regiment

Lieutenant       Arthur Frederick Gray                   Cambridgeshire Regiment

Arthur Frederick Gray was the sixth son of Arthur Gray, Master of Jesus from 1912. He had graduated from Magdalene.  This explains the discrepancy between College of Warrant record (Jesus) and College of War Service record (Magdalene). 

26th August 1918

Lieutenant       Henry Paton Nott      SM 13th Cambridge (later Notts’ Own for both brothers)

27/4/1916       6th Gloucestershire Regiment

 ‘I know that the Nott brothers who were running the 13th troop were in camp at Clayhithe when they were called up as officers. Both were killed in action, they left a legacy of £200 to the troop, a large sum in those days. About 1916 the troop took the title “The Notts’ Own”; at this time many troops had similar titles but I think the 13th is the only one to still retain this after 60 years’  (Written c 1978)

Also not listed in Early Warrants

Captain            Louis Cameron Nott              SM 13th Cambridge     (See above)

18/4/1917       6th Gloucestershire Regiment

(Louis died alongside a third brother in a mine explosion at the Somme)

Captain Arthur Derrick Hamer

Died 06/11/1918         Northern Cyclist Battalion

Our second Camp there in 1914 was with S-M. A. D. HAMER of Queens’ (killed in the War, a week before the Armistice); The Camp ended only three days before war was declared.       C. T. WOOD.