Earliest Groups

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The earliest list of Troops in Cambridge District is from 1910. Most on the list were founded before that date and some have documented evidence to inform that date.

1st CambridgeFormed from Boys Brigade. 1908 (Nov but probably as part of BB before this date
2ndSt Marks Newnham Photographic evidence of 1908 camp1908
3rdSt Andrew the Greatclosed by 1910
4thRoman Catholic closed in 1910
6thHigher Grade School‘by 1910 it could muster a choir..’
7thBarnwell Abbeyopen in or by 1910
8thAll Saintsopen in or by 1910
9thQueens’1910 – very clear date
11thSt Paul’sOpened 1910
12thMilton Road School1912
13thSt Phillip’s1910
1st Cambridge DistrictNew Cherry Hinton (based at St John’s Hills Road)

It is difficult to see a pattern in the foundation of these very early Troops. The Town of Cambridge was expanding and the Churches of St Mark’s, St John’s and St Phillip’s were all new and probably catering for a greater number of children than the average. St John’s was very aware of the significant increase in the size of the Parish. Milton Road School and Higher Grade School were both innovative new schools and the Perse was under the Headmastership of the unconventional Dr. Rouse. Queens’ College, however, was founded in 1448 and St Andrew the Great was built in 1200.

It is likely that, as with the clear history at Queens’, one enthusiastic advocate picked up the idea and the supporting institution went with them.

Most Cambridge District Troops, those outside the Town boundaries, had village names and not institution names and any pattern is even harder to find.

JWR Archivist Dec 2020