Claude Walker

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1913 – 2002

C J Walker was a Scout with the 12th Cambridge before the Great War.  He can be seen in the photograph below from 1913, possibly one of the younger Scouts.  He died in 2002 having been District President for the last 44 years of his life.

Claude is standing first row third from the left (as viewed), standing behind Mrs Howard Marsh, wife of the DC, Colonel Howard Marsh, Master of Downing.  The central couple are the Viscount and Viscountess Clifden, Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire and living at the time in Wimpole Hall.  The 12th was known as Viscountess Clifden’s Own, later changing to Viscount Clifden’s Own on her death as her son, the 7th Viscount, took on the role.

Known dates    Claude was:

  • Assistant Scout Master 22nd Cambridge         1921
  • Member of the Scout Club Committee          1922
  • DSM                                                                1923 – 1925
  • Scout Master 22nd Cambridge                                    1925
  • District Chairman                                           1946 – 1958
  • District President                                            c.1958 – 2002

Cambridge Archives

The Cambridge Scout Club was reorganised in December 1922, this in turn was open to both town and University Rovers as well as to Scouters. It is interesting to note that Mr C.J. Walker (our District President now in 1978) is shown as a member of their committee.   From 70 years of Scouting:        Ken North

22nd Cambridge 1921              Second right, seated, second row from the bottom(as viewed)

‘During 1924 C.J. Walker was the D.S.M., and the Scout Boat Club was still doing well’

‘In 1925 an interesting letter was sent to Mr Walker, as S.M. of the 22nd troop, this, though generally never publicised, that have happened in the past and still often occur, that give our Movement its Good Name’.

‘On July 4th 1925, there was a County Rally held on a meadow near Owlstone Croft, just above Sheep’s Green  Over 700 boys attended. Mr C.J. Walker, as D.S.M., was in control of the arrangements.’

All from 70 years of Scouting:            Ken North


 2019   Claude Walker left a sum of money to the District on his death in 2002.  The last of this was used to fund the building of the Archive Room at the new District HQ in 2019. The room is to be called the Claude Walker Room in remembrance of his long service.